Monday, January 12, 2009

What are the people saying about Zeropoint?

Keep the testimonials coming...we love it! More, more, more! :

I was away for the holidays for about two weeks. My wife and I usually let the groceries deplete as a trip approaches, but this time, we had about a half-dozen organic Fuji apples in the fruit bowl on the dining room table. As I headed out the door for the airport, I gathered them up and placed them on an 8" ZeroPoint Frequency Disc and spoke an intention to them. I said, " you'll stay fresh until I return so you can fulfill your purpose of contributing to my life as opposed to just going rotten."

Upon my return, two weeks later, the apples were completely fresh. There was no wrinkled or loose skin, no blemishes, and no rotting of any kind. These apples were close to a month old and had never been in the refrigerator. The next day, I bit into one and it was as fresh as the day I brought it home. Organic foods just don't stay fresh but with the ZPG technology, we don't have to go to the store every day! I now have 3 discs in the fridge and one under the fruit bowl.

- Rick Fleshman, Chicago IL

My husband used to have a difficult time walking, especially up and down stairways. His knees were in pain for many years from the result of worn out cartilage. He now not just walks in balance, but also can go up and down ladders, be out in the woods cutting down the huge trees, split and stack, and he does many more things he was not able to do in the past.

His snow white hair has turned dark, not as beautiful as his original auburn shade but just dark. Little fuzzes are surfacing in a dark shade. His vision is much improved and overall he is thankful because he is regaining his health in general. He wears the pendant at all times and carries the small Frequency Disc in his back pocket. When he sits, the 8" Disc is on his lower back.

The other day, we were on the way to town, he forgot to take the 8" Disc with him to have it in the vehicle...he does not leave home without it. He asked, "Would you bring my "Wheel of Fortune" for me, please!

I believe he summed up ALL HIS APPRECIATION in that phrase. He is 66 years old. Our daughter bought 3 walking sticks for us in March, one for each of us and one to keep in the vehicle. We began to use ZeroPoint products in middle of July of last year.

Thank you, ZeroPoint; our children are no longer anxious about our wellbeing and safety. Our grandchildren have healthier, content grandparents around. We do not do a duet of "Ouch!!" or let out painful expressions any more that are not pleasant to hear. .

Thank you!!

- Yung Bok Johnson, Milaca, Minnesota

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Some Pre-Holiday Testimonies about Zeropoint

Our fifteen year old daughter was constantly stressed out about her schoolwork. She became easily overwhelmed with homework and studying for tests although she ranks among the top ten in her class. After trying the different ZeroPoint tools we decided she should wear the pendant all the time. By the next day she felt better already: calmer and more focused. I noticed she was emotionally more grounded and balanced. Every other day since she comes by and asks to be tested for her balance to make sure its still going to work. She is reassured the Toy Soldier Test works every time and that she is able to resist the pressure.
- Faye Brandmaier, Maine

I know the right foods to eat yet I often fall prey to food that does not agree with my digestion system. Unfortunately our society thinks bloating is natural, it is not. The bloating is a reaction from your body indicating the food was not good for your system. At least now we have a natural remedy help, the ZPG disc and laser. If my digestive system is acting up after a meal, I simply laser my abdomen and if that is not enough, I put the 3.5 inch Frequency Disc on my abdomen. The length of time may vary. I use the red laser for only a minute or so and let the disc do the rest of the work. My best results are lying in bed with either a disc or plate until I fall asleep. If the problem exists during the day, I'll leave the disc in my pants at abdomen level.
- Doreen Zic-Hock, Florida

Monday, December 29, 2008

Following are a few testimonials wrapped up into one:

I was visiting with an older woman who has severe arthritis and her hands are very deformed. We were running out of conversation, so I asked if I could use the NaturaLaser on her hands just to see if it would do anything for her. So I sat for 5 or ten minutes and lasered her hands. She was amazed at how much flexibility she gained in that short amount of time. Her husband reported the next day that he couldn't believe it, she was moving her hands better than she had in years.

I let my son's girlfriend take the laser and disk home to try with her grandparents. The grandmother has carpal tunnel and the mate is a diabetic who's always got bruising and swollen sores. It worked wonders for the carpal tunnel and (needless to say) for the sores also. They faded in color significantly and the swelling went down.

My son was cut at work and had stitches in his hand. It was a pretty deep cut right in the soft tissue between the thumb and first finger. When he arrived here the next morning, it looked bad, swollen and blackish in color. I used the NaturaLaser for 4 or 5 minutes on it and later that day we were all swelling and the cut looked like it had happened a week before it was so clean and healed over.

I fractured an elbow a little over two weeks ago. The doctor put me in a less restrictive cast this past week that can be taken off to exercise the arm and shower etc. When I began trying to move the arm, there was a lot of restriction. I couldn't rotate the wrist, couldn't put the hand on a flat surface, or twist the arm at all. I started playing with a Frequency Disc the second day and was amazed at how much I could do as long as the arm was on the Disc. So I started wrapping my ZeroPoint Pendants up in the cast at night, one in the wrist area because that was so tight and the other closer to the elbow. In the morning, I could rotate the wrist almost 100% and gained much in both rotation and straightening of the arm as well as strength!

Last week our puppy decided to play with (eat) a bee. It stung her so many times in the side of the mouth that she threw up. It was swollen out about an inch. She let me laser her and within 15 minutes the swelling was gone.

These are just a few of the things I've used these products for and am truly amazed each time!
- S. Gould
Winslow, ME